Frequently Asked Questions

How long before wedding do I need to do trial?

Trial can be done 1-3 months in advance, after your final gown fitting. Doing trial on a date closer to your wedding day means that your skin condition/hair length & texture would be more similar to your actual day condition.

What do I need to prepare for trial?
  • On the night before or on the day itself, apply face mask.
  • Come to trial without makeup or bring your own makeup remover and facial cleanser to clean your face (in case you come with makeup on)
  • Come to trial with clean and dry hair. Do not wash your hair before the trial session.
  • Wear a white dress or top. This will help you better visualise your actual wedding day look.
What do I need to prepare for AD? (3-6 months before)

We recommend that you take good care of your skin by cleansing it properly and applying good skincare products, or even going for regular facial sessions. (If you have sensitive skin, do consult with your dermatologist before doing so.)

What do I need to prepare before wedding day?
  • 1 week before, make sure to apply moisturising face mask daily.
  • Avoid spicy food which could cause blemishes( skin stress or pimples)
  • Try to get some good rest the night before
  • On your wedding day before applying makeup, please keep your face and hair clean. Do note that your hair needs to be COMPLETELY dry before the makeup session, and do not apply conditioner on your hair.
  • DO NOT wash your hair before the makeup session as it will take a long time for the MUA to dry your hair. Damp hair also means that your hairstyles/ curls won’t last as long.
  • Please have your meals before the MUA arrives, put on your contact lens and nubra if you have to.
  • Wear a top with buttons or a bathrobe for the makeup session to make sure that when you change into your gown, your hair and makeup won’t get messed up.
What do I need to prepare on my wedding day.
  • Simple makeup products for touch up, such as loose powder, lipstick, eyelash glue, tissue.
  • Refrain from touching or scratching your face, use a tissue if needed.
  • When you cry, do not rub your eyes but rather, use a piece of dry tissue to gently dab on the corners of your eyes.

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